5G is the latest network of wireless technology that uses frequencies waves to transmit data. These waves travel to  a number of different sources including our phones, 5G towers, modems and anything connecting to the internet. It works by producing a type of energy called electromagnetic radiation. The waves create an electromagnetic field (EMF) that is now nearly everywhere. 


5G uses higher frequencies than previous wireless networks, making it faster and more efficient. There is now much evidence, that showing these radio waves cause an array of harmful to humans, nature and wildlife. 5G radiation will be sent from advanced antennas, so called phased arrays,  that transmit the microwaves and/or millimetre waves in narrow bands, a technology originally developed for military purposes. This will massively increase the exposure to radiation in those beams.


Over 240 scientists from more than 40 countries, who have published over 2000 peer review papers, have expressed their “serious concerns”, regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices. They represent “a significant portion of the credentialled scientists in the radiation research field”, according to Joel Moskowitz, the director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California, Berkeley, who helped circulate the petition. Nevertheless, like mobiles, 5G technology is on the verge of being introduced without pre-market safety testing. 


There is an extensive literature database with an inventory of 36,527 publications on EMF health effects found on EMF portal website.


Peer-reviewed research has demonstrated a myriad of adverse effects from wireless radiofrequency radiation including increased brain cancer, DNA damage, oxidative stress, immune dysfunction,  altered brain development, damaged reproduction, sleep changes, hyperactivity, and memory damage.


Most studies that argue upon the safety of 5G only will only show the short term thermal effects, excluding the analysis of any biological effects through ongoing exposure.


Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body.


In Italy there’s been over 600 cities that passed resolutions to halt the 5G rollout until safety research has been conducted.  In the United States, Hawaii County passed a resolution to halt 5G as well as Farragut Tennessee and Easton Connecticut. Countries like Switzerland, France, and Nigeria are having national discussions on the safety of 5G and launching major investigations to research the issue of safety. 

In the United States, cities have voted on policies to halt 5G or restrict the rollout into neighbourhoods, including Mill Valley, Petaluma, Monterey in California, and Doylestown in Pennsylvania. 


The Mayor of Los Altos California stated 5G small cells would be an “aesthetic disaster” and the vote passed to prohibit the installation of small cells on public utility easements in residential neighborhoods and established a 500-foot setback from a small cell to schools. Palm Beach and other coastal communities got completely carved out of legislation to receive the 5G antennas.


This video study by Dr Frank H, Springob, observed just 2 minutes of exposure of the smart meter, at one foot away. The findings show degradation to the the cells where the cell walls were broken, cell mutation, corrugating cells called bottle cap formation, oxidation, and a reducing the oxygen to the tissues. Upon removing the smart meter the blood returned to normal.



DNA actually works as a factional Antenna that is able to process frequencies, so according to DR. Marco Ruggiero MD, PhD there is no doubt that the artificial frequencies like from cell towers, can interfere with the ability of DNA to retain and transmit biological signals, that only few biologists are aware of. 

The peer review study can be viewed here


Since 2004, the International Association of Firefighters has officially opposed cell towers on their stations after a study found neurological damage in firefighters with antennas on their station. 

In 2017, when 5G “small cells were coming to California via a 5G streamlining bill (SB649), firefighter organizations came out in strong opposition to the bill and cited the many peer-reviewed studies. They fought to have 5G towers removed from their firehouses. The SB649 bill was successfully was changed to exclude their stations from the deployment due to their health concerns. 


Published research finds the frequencies impact wildlife. Studies have found that the radiation can alter bird navigation and disturb honeybee colonies. The research also shows harmful effects on trees and plants.  


Research on EMF and Bees

Research on Wildlife

Research on Trees



Environmental Groups Worldwide are Opposed to 5G


Numerous environmental groups have expressed their concerns of 5G with letters and appeals. Greenpeace France says it’s creating “digital pollution” that will increase carbon emissions, increase e-waste, strip the earth of natural resources and contribute to human tragedies on a global scale.  A large environmental group in Spain Ecologists in Action  issued a position on 5G calling for precaution and “ in view of the deployment of 5G and the transformations that will accompany it, it is inevitable to ask ourselves: what kind of world do we want to live in: a hyper-digitalized, robotized, monitored, controlled and manipulated society, or a society where human relations, care, the common good and democratic debates on key issues for our future take precedence? In other words, what will we put at the center: life or the machine?”


Letter from Environmental Working Group To California State Officials states “there is already adequate existing sound science for government to proceed with caution on the roll-out of the new technology. In particular, the results of the $25 million National Toxicology Program study (2016) that showed tumors in rats caused by a typical amount of heavy cell phone use are to be reckoned with.”

The Green Party of California, the Sierra Clubs of California, Washington DC, and Montgomery County Maryland and Montgomery County  Maryland 350 have taken a stance in protecting trees/environment and confronting the energy consumption of 5G networks.



The scientific peer review of a historic United States government study concluded that there is “clear evidence” that radiation from mobile phones causes cancer, specifically, a heart tissue cancer in rats that is too rare to be explained as random occurrence.

The study included eleven independent scientists that spent three days at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, discussing the study, which was done by the National Toxicology Program of the US Department of Health and Human Services and is one of the largest conducted of the health effects of mobile phone radiation. The NTP scientists had exposed thousands of rats and mice (whose biological similarities to humans make them useful indicators of human health risks) to doses of radiation equivalent to an average mobile user’s lifetime exposure.


The peer review scientists confirmed the findings as clear evidence, despite the NTP scientists labelling it as some evidence fuelling critics’ suspicions that the NTP’s leadership had tried to downplay the findings.



One peer review scientist writes, “The common ‘wisdom’ presented in the literature and media is that, if there are adverse impacts resulting from high-band 5G, the main impacts will be focused on near-surface phenomena, such as skin cancer, cataracts, and other skin conditions. However, there is evidence that biological responses to millimeter-wave irradiation can be initiated within the skin, and the subsequent systemic signaling in the skin can result in physiological effects on the nervous system, heart, and immune system” [ 8 ].


Another advisor to the World Health Organisation said there is enough evidences if they they were to reevaluate radio frequency radiation it would be classed as class 1 – a human carcinogen and governments can not possibly ignore it.


Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage the cells in the body. Oxidative stress that is caused by the increase in free radicals including reactive oxygen species (ROS) can play a basic role in pathological conditions of diseases such as cancer.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) have various chemical effects, including causing deterioration in large molecules in cells and imbalance in ionic equilibrium. Several studies have reported that exposure to EMF results in oxidative stress in many tissues of the body. Exposure to EMF is known to increase free radical concentrations and traceability and can affect the radical couple recombination. 


Millimeter frequencies, used in 5G applications, have the capacity to cause a severe burning sensation in the skin at very high levels.  Millimeter waves are used by the U.S. Department of Defense in crowd control guns called “Active Denial Systems.”  


The frequencies are able to cause this burning sensation due to the way they are highly absorbed into the sweat gland. Although 5G is capable, it will use much lower intensities of millimeter waves then are used by the military, scientists are cautioning that the special issues with the skin absorption require a safety evaluation and can pose serious unintended biological impacts.


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