The Science

Thanks to leading scientific institutions, we were able to source proven and effective ingredients. The scientific data from institutions like Pubmed and NHBI provides indisputable proof in how certain ingredients effectively shield against EMF radiation.


In addition, all of our key ingredients were thoroughly tested and analysed. Using a electronic EMF device reader several studies were conducted. This ensured the blocking capabilities of each ingredient against EMF radiation, enabling us to analyse and select only the most potent ingredients to formulate an incredibly powerful EMF repelling product.   


A Two fold effect

Not only does 5G screen products help to repel the harmful 5G but our key ingredients are also packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are proven to strengthen the skins natural immunity against the damages caused by EMF’s. Additionally, these antioxidants assist in the reversal of free radical damage – reducing the signs of ageing and providing overall skin vitality.